Welcome to Intermix Australia

INTERMIX Australia's hi-tech production facility in Queensland manufactures a diverse range of dry-mix finished ingredients as well as blends and pre-mix additives for end-use applications in the beverage, dairy, bakery, confectionery, nutritional and snack sectors of the food and beverage processing industry.



With the globalisation of food and beverage supply, world markets demand compliance with the highest standards of production and food safety certification. To this end, Intermix Australia has developed synergies with players in the farm-to-table supply chain who are committed to promoting confidence in the Australian food processing industry to export markets.

Positive outcomes from these synergies is year round availability of some of the highest quality raw materials in the world. Intermix Australia's reputation is based on recognised production quality which meets world best practice standards in food manufacturing. The company actively supports government regulatory bodies in Australia to meet science-based food safety and Quality Assurance standards.

Regular inspections and food safety certification ensure that export products comply to internationally accepted standards. Strict compliance to food safety assures customers of proven product quality and consistency as well as consumer protection from contaminants at all times. Intermix's customers are welcome to conduct their own audits on best practice quality control measures which are in place at the Queensland production facility.



Intermix Australia has strong International connections and a track record of success with three major shareholders in Japan, Australia and the USA. Collaborative manufacturing practices and a commitment to mutual investment with a key supplier in Australia and distribution partner in Japan has leveraged further export opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.

Intermix Australia is capable of producing 40,000 metric tonnes of dry-mix blends, pre-mixes and ingredients per annum. Intermix Australia currently supplies blends and pre-mixes to the major food and beverage corporations in Japan.